YouTheatre Policies & Procedures

Egyptian YouTheatre Summer 2022

Camp Information & Policies

Egyptian YouTheatre Summer Camps are held at the new

Egyptian Studios - 330 Main St. (basement)

(accessible from same side of street as Egyptian Theatre via breezeway between Swede Alley & Main St.)

 The safety and health of our students, families, and staff is our highest priority. Therefore, we reserve the right to change our policies as needed to match current CDC and ACA (American Camp Association) guidance.

Parent Responsibilities and Daily Checklist 

By registering my child in an Egyptian YouTheatre Summer Camp, I acknowledge it is my responsibility to adhere to the following:

1. Punctuality. I understand that arriving on time for drop-off & pick-up is imperative for the smooth running of camp. I will drop off and pick-up only at the designated area, and within the 10-minute drop-off & pick-up times. I understand YouTheatre staff is not responsible for my child if I drop off earlier than designated drop-off time and that Egyptian YouTheatre may bill me $1/minute for every minute a YT staff member needs to wait with my child to be picked-up past the 10-minute designated pick-up time.

2. Preparation. I will make sure that I send my child to each day of camp: in clothing in adherence to the Dress Code policy laid out later in this document, having eaten breakfast, and with all required materials, including but not limited to: clean, labeled, re-fillable WATER BOTTLE, SNACK & LUNCH.

3. Illness. I agree to monitor my child’s health for the days prior to camp start date and each morning of camp. I will not drop my child(ren) off to camp if they exhibit any of the following symptoms: fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea, muscle aches, nausea, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, vomiting. If my child exhibits these symptoms during the camp day, I will pick my child up promptly when contacted by YouTheatre staff.  

Drop-off & Pick-up

4–7-year-olds: will occur in Swede Alley for our youngest campers. 

Ages 8 & up: will occur on the roof level of the China Bridge parking structure accessible from roundabout at Deer Valley Drive & Marsac Ave., unless otherwise specified. Older students (8 & up) can also enter the Egyptian Theatre Studios on their own if they take the bus or walk, making sure they check in with YT staff so we don’t have teachers waiting on the roof for students who are already here. 

If you are late dropping off and YT staff is no longer present at the drop-off area and your child is not old enough to get themselves inside on their own, you must park in China Bridge and walk them into the studios yourself. NEVER LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PARKED IN SWEDE ALLEY. Refer to policies in the PUNCTUALITY section above.

If dropping off students of two different age groups/drop-off locations, please drop your older student off in Swede Alley with the younger student. 

Dress Code

  • MASKS: At this time, masks are encouraged but not required in our classrooms. We anticipate this will be the case for Summer Camps as well. We do reserve the right to update our mask policy in regard to Covid-19 if the CDC guidance changes. If you wish for your child to always wear a mask (except for snack/lunch), please let us know so this info is included on our rosters AND make sure your child knows your family rule on this matter.
  • On the first day of camp students will receive one 2022 YouTheatre Summer Camp t-shirt and one t-shirt from a previous year, according to the t-shirt size indicated at time of registration. if signed up for multiple camps, they will not get a new shirt each week. They will be required to wear a YT Camp tee each day of camp and are very welcome to wear past years’ YT shirts.
  • Students are expected to wear clothing they can easily move in and close-toed shoes. NO FLIP FLOPS!
  • Some camps will require students to wear/bring “theatre blacks” on the last day of camp. This simply means solid black top, bottoms, and preferably shoes.


Families are responsible for sending each camper with a lunch*, snack, and water bottle, all labeled with student name. We have filtered water bottle fill-up stations available. There are no refrigerators or microwaves for student lunches.

Lunch breaks will take place outside, weather permitting. 

*This year we are allowing TEEN students only to bring money and buy their lunch from Main St. businesses. This is a privilege that will be revoked if not handled responsibly. Students must be able to purchase and consume their food before the end of the lunch break (typically 45 min.). YouTheatre staff is not responsible for students when they’ve left campus for lunch. 


Camps that end in a showcase performance will be open to live audiences made up of camper family members. Seating will be extremely limited, and we will let you know in the welcome email that goes out the week before the camp starts how many seats each camper will be allowed to have. We also record each showcase, and once they’ve been edited links to the performance will be sent to the email used at registration to be shared with friends and family far and wide.

Behavior Policy

The Egyptian YouTheatre runs on a three-strike behavior policy for students. Strike 1 is a verbal warning directly to the student. Strike 2 includes notifying the parent of the situation. Strike 3 will result in dismissal from the program.